About Us

About Us

Cliffrock Private Lending is a direct hard money lender and bridge lender for real estate investments. We are a reliable source of private capital for investors in metro-Atlanta and other areas in the Southeast seeking a hard money lender who understands investor need to have hassle-free solutions tailored to address their investment requirements. Whether it be a purchase loan for rehab, investment for rental properties, refinance cash-outs for investors, or, in certain instances, commercial property loans, we are here to meet your real estate debt needs. Seasoned and experienced individuals who understand the needs of motivated real estate entrepreneurs for speed, efficiency, and certainty of closing.

The principals of Cliffrock Private Lending have deep experience in investing in and lending against Atlanta real estate and are therefore well accustomed to understanding the motivations of success-driven investors seeking to capitalize on attractive real estate investment opportunities as they become available. We seek to lend and are committed to suitable attention, efficient responsiveness, and a desire to provide the necessary flexibility of structure in providing solutions. Our underwriting decisions are based on the individual merits of each loan request and the individual’s past experience and successes with similar projects

Our goal is to provide a quick approval process – we seek to provide an initial pre-qualification within 24 hours with a goal of closing efficiently and ease of mind from start to finish. Our commitment to you is to meet your expectations with the objective of having investors as loyal repeat customers. An attractive real estate investment opportunity that is supported by well thought our business fundamentals is sought to be approved by us. We are motivated to partner with motivated and entrepreneurial real estate investors with an “eye” for identifying and capturing value.

Why choose us for your hard money lending needs:

Based in Atlanta with Requisite Market Experience

The principals of Cliffrock Private Lending are based in Atlanta with strong familiarity and market knowledge in their home market order to understand and adapt to the needs of the investor active in that same market. The principals have been active in Atlanta real estate as investors and hard money lenders for collectively over 30 years and understand transaction structuring, providing private capital, assessing trends and changes in market dynamics as it relates to pricing and structuring of transactions, and how best to position for change.


Competitive private capital and bridge lending terms, reliable and efficiency in process:

The principals of Cliffrock Private Lending have themselves been borrowers in numerous instances and, since having been on the opposite side of the table – fully appreciating the qualities of service being sought from hard money lenders. Reasonableness of terms, speed, certainty of outcome, ease of process, and an affinity to understanding the borrower’s objectives are ascribed to us. We understand that the market is competitive and that investors have a variety of options to choose from, and we seek to differentiate ourselves to be an initial call and thereafter a  repeat call by real estate investors for a reliable capital source. We target to close within ten days recognizing the uniqueness that certain transactions may present.


Seeking to get swiftly to a “yes!”

We seek to be creative in working to achieve a positive “go” outcomes. This takes an understanding of expectations, goals and timing, information that is requested, and a desire for honesty and transparency throughout the process. We seek to tailor solutions, as necessary, to provide for optimal outcomes. As a direct lender where decisions are made without any layers of approval customary with more traditional lending sources, we position for an efficient process including the flexibility to address elements of transaction structure for achievability of optimal outcomes as they become necessary.


If you’re ready to take the next step with a hard money lender partner motivated for your success in one or more of you real estate investment ventures then please fill in the pre-approved questionnaire either online or it can be printed and scanned to us. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you.

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