Wait to invest or move ahead now?

Buy or wait? That is the question you may be asking yourself in 2019. But with rates poised to go higher, it may make sense to lock in soon if you can afford to purchase. Mortgage rate growth has shown some brief reprieve with rates dropping in very recent weeks,…

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Differences between conventional loans and hard money loans

Purchasers of real estate typically think of two options in terms of debt financing needed to fund the purchase. Both are competitive and offer specific benefits. Knowledge of the investor's needs and circumstances shape whether a conventional mortgage or a hard money loan is the preferred option. Though most people…

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Why Need a Hard Money Loan

Hard money loans are short-term, interest-only mortgages used by investors to purchase and rehab distressed properties. These loans have higher rates up to 12% but can fund in 15 days, helping investors compete with all-cash buyers. The loan is generally paid back within 12 months when the property is flipped…

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The Online Questionnaire