Lender Fees, Costs and Direct Expenses:

Third-party Fees and Costs Related to Closing, Titling and Recording

Summary Costs to Close

Upfront Lender Fees:

Monthly Interest Cost:

Three Months Interest:

Six Months Interest:

Upfront Lender Fees plus Three Months Interest:

Upfront Lender Fees plus Six Months Interest:

Estimated Total Fees to Close the Property Paid to Third Parties (not to Cliffrock Private Lending):

Total Cash Due at Closing of the Transaction for fees and expenses:

Total cash due at closing from the borrower:

The above relates to upfront fees and expenses only, and excludes the borrower’s equity brought to the closing.

The above numbers are provided for illustrative purposes only and are subject to revision upon the formal underwriting of a purchase and hard money lending transaction and once fee estimates from third party providers are received. Not included are prepaid insurance premiums and property taxes paid at closing which are property specific.

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