Q & A

Q & A

We target 10 days from start to finish. Borrowers need to recognize that certain elements in the process driven by third-party service providers might result in necessary extensions

Our minimum is $50,000 and will lend up to $1 mil +

Cliffrock Private Lending seeks to provide investors debt capital on real estate investment projects in the Atlanta MSA

We will provide rehab loan, investment for rental properties, refinance cash-outs for investors, and, in certain instances, commercial property loans for investors. Our goal is to be open-minded and seek to structure to what the situation requires with flexibility and creativity. We donot lend against primary residences

We will only provide debt on a first mortgage deed basis against the underlying property

Our goal is to work with the borrower to fund as quickly as possible. Our target is as little as 10 days from beginning to end but we recognize that in certain instances a slightly longer time period is needed. We look at the entire package provided by the investor and look to make the process as easy and efficient as possible – assessing the underlying property, the scope and magnitude of the project being undertaken (if a rehab), the investor’s demonstrated experience, prior successes and prior history in similar projects, and the investor’s financial condition. We are not a “one size fits all” lender and we seek to structure to get to a “yes” outcome in order to partner with you with as much ease as possible

We understand that the length of a project cannot always be fully predicted up front. With that said, should the investor need to repay the loan earlier than the 6-months there will be no prepayment penalty. Should the investor seek to extend the loan beyond 6-months, we will certainly consider this recognizing pricing required to be factored in on the extended period

We are experienced individuals who understand the capital needs of real estate investors as projects are entered into, including the desire for efficiency and flexibility in structuring as well as certainty of closing. Our goal is to seek to develop trusted long-term relationships knowing that real estate investors value relationships with reliable capital sources on a repeat-business basis. Cliffrock Private Lending values seeing its investor relationships thriving, succeeding, and growing their real estate businesses.

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